Sunday, November 16, 2008

Tates Performance Hobbies 3D "Huckfest" held at Mildura.

Running repairs to the red bull yak.

Luke and Glen wrap up proceedings with the presentation of trophy's and prizes.

Rolling harrier down the strip!!

Luke from Tates backing down the Tates Performance Hobbies Ultimate, being watched closely by the boss - DON'T BREAK IT!!

"Cashy" enjoying the night time action.

GlennO's 50cc Carden yak well flown by Ryan Vu.

Glen, about to put on another awesome display.

Glen, doin his stuff!

Glen's 3M powered Austar's yak doing a rudder touch - well controlled of course.

Nice!! The yak just hanging in there.

Cashy, at it again with his DL powered extra 300. DL engines are sure good value for money.

Ryan, putting on a show with GlennO's Yak. You should have seen Ryan's face light up when
he found a plane on mode 2 he could fly.

Ryan, GlennO and Eddie enjoying the action.

Time to leave. Eddie and friends head home. Love the rego number ED!!

Mildura club Sunraysia Aeromodellers played host for it's first 3D Huckfest over the weekend of November 15th and 16th. Pilots from Melbourne and Sydney and even Broken Hill attended with most arriving Friday and some chose to even camp at the flying site. Eddie Edwards from Tates performance Hobbies not only supported the event, but flew up Saturday in his own Cessna to take a closer look at the action.

Glen Ure from Austars models flew his magnificent 3m yak with great skill and courage close to the ground which had the locals fascinated with his 3d demo's.
With strong and sometimes gusty winds prevailing for the entire weekend, this didn't deter Glen form performing rolling harriors, torque rolls and whatever else you could think of in a aggressive skillful manner. Glen took out the most entertaining award of course.

Luke from Tates put on a great display with his ultimate yak powered by an impressive Evo engine fitted with smoke. Luke even back the ultimate down to the ground in a cloud of smoke with his boss and actual owner of the plane Eddie Edwards watching over his that took guts!!!

"Cashy" from Melbourne also put on some nice 3D flying with his impressive looking DL50 powered Extra 300 from Extreme flight.

Saturday night saw a light tower arrive at the field with many pilots taking to the sky's with heli's, electric foamy's and profile fun fly's.

The one pleasing sight was the amount of locals that actually joined in and flew during the course of the weekend. There was only one major crash for the weekend when "Little John" from Broken Hill clipped the trees on Saturday, resulting in his father doing a 600km round trip back home to grab a back-up model..well done Dad!!!

Special thanks to The Sunraysia club for hosting the event, also Luke from Tates for all the behind the scenes stuff. A special mention to the sponsors, Tates performance Hobbies Geelong, Austar models Sydney and, Surf Crew Hobbies Mildura.


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