Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Out with the old, in with the new!!!

The old trailer - outgrown!!

3.6 metres long, with great rear excess and gas struts.

19mm form ply flooring, 1.4 high - 1.4 wide on the inside.

Commodore 16/7inc rims and stainless quarter gaurds.

Plenty of bling around the front, with aluminium checker plate.

I recently sold my trailer-boot trailer to a fellow F3A pilot as it was becoming to hard to transport
two 2 metre pattern planes and all the equipment necessary to the comps.
A good friend of mine built a magnificent trailer for himself to accommodate his rather large turbine powered F-16 jet, but he however decided to sell it soon after completion.

I decided that although rather large for only two pattern planes, I could also use it to transport my 3M Krill Katana - which was always going to be difficult to fit into the commodore wagon.
Those trips to Adelaide with Sparksey and others will be so much easier now - even the coffee machine will be hard to leave at home!

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