Thursday, April 2, 2009

****CANOPY UPDATE****GlennO breaks another one!!!

Thanks to Steve Dawbin and Mike Timms, we successfully removed and replaced then re-painted the damaged area and now you'd be hard pressed to pick the repair. Thanks guys.

Well, your not going to believe it. After breaking the Aries GP canopy when the wind blew it off the rubber stand a few months back, you'd think I would have learned from my mistake.
Yes at Ballarat I had the new Aries EP on the stand changing batteries (plane has to be turned over to access packs) when I left it unattended for only a matter of seconds and a wind gust came through knocking it off the stand and onto the Canopy.

Same as last time, canopy destroyed. I did tape it up for my last flight, however it needs a major "cut and shut" job to have it ready for the Masters in April.

I, together with the help of local club member Mike Timms removed the broken canopy and replaced it with a new one, then Steve Dawbin re-painted the affected area. Lucky I brought two canopies last time! Must have known something...


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